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We have a dedicated team of professional technical engineers fully qualified with decades of experience in this service sector.

We can offer a full turnkey mechanical and electrical service to any plantroom from small to large scale and have a high quality knowledge of the following plant and equipment:
  • Boilers- Our dedicated service team can deal with all types of boilers firing on Oil, Natural Gas, LPG and electric

  • Gas Lines- Our fully qualified service and installation teams are trained in both domestic gas and commercial gas.

  • Gas Controls- Becoming more popular and more regularly specified we can install various types of gas control equipment and once installed can be maintained with the rest of the boiler house equipment annually.

  • Electrical Panels- Our Electrical team design, manufacture, install and maintain all types of panel to suit any needs.

  • BMS Systems- Our electrical team can install new or replace existing systems to save energy and cut the cost of bills.

  • Pumps and motors- Our service team can replace or repair any size of pump/motor on site or for larger units these can be taken away for a complete overhaul from rewinding to mechanical seals and bearing replacement.

  • Ventilation Equipment- From boiler house supply fans to building extract and supply air handling units we can install and overhaul these types of equipment to include filter changes, belt replacement to heat exchanger repair.

  • Water Heaters- From indirect to direct fired hot water generators, our installation team can install in various sizes and locations.

  • Air Heaters- we can install and service all types of air heating equipment firing on oil, gas and electrical supplies.

  • Pipes and valves- We have a full team of pipe fitter/welders that can cope with all sizes of installations, we have all the relevant equipment to complete any installation or emergency repair.